“Dementia proof” your brain with powerful compounds hidden inside these “forbidden” foods

You know what I hate about diets? It’s probably the same thing you do — that when it comes right down to it, most diets aren’t really diets. They’re lists. Specifically, lists of don’ts. Don’t eat this… don’t eat that… and definitely don’t even try that other thing. By they time they’re through with you, […]

Deep six “senior moments” with two all-natural brain boosters

Stuck on the tip of your tongue. You know that feeling. Maybe it’s a name… or a place… or just some odd bit of trivia that you’re sure you once knew. But no matter how hard you try, you just can’t spit it out. It’s enough to drive you nuts! While these little lapses can […]

This “fat-busting” nut could unlock the secret to blood sugar control

Almonds are just about the perfect snack. They’re tasty, portable and satisfying – and ounce for ounce, you won’t find too many other foods as healthy. These delicious nuts can also help fight or prevent major disease, with six new studies showing how a regular almond habit can ward off dementia, protect the heart, help […]

Heal your heart — and live longer — with ancient grains

If you’re a heart patient, the difference between life and death could come down to the difference between white bread and whole grain. It’s true — because you need fiber for more than just good digestion. You also need it to protect your heart, especially if you’ve already suffered a heart attack. Now, new research […]

Chemicals hidden within fruit could be key to beating some cancers

They say cancer doesn’t discriminate, but that’s not really true. Some cancers strike younger people… while others hit with age. Some cancers are more common in women… while others hit men harder. Bladder cancer is one of the forms of disease that can strike nearly anyone, but it’s more common in older people and deadlier […]

Hidden high fructose corn syrup is turning you into a junk food addict

If you eat packaged foods, then odds are you’ve been eating plenty of high-fructose corn syrup. It’s not just in soda and sweets, as many people assume, but dumped into just about everything. You’ll find HFCS hidden in breads, salad dressings, cereals, yogurts and even so-called “energy” bars. And this form of sugar is the […]

Surprising “fish cure” could be the key to erasing ADD

Empty out a teenager’s locker today, and you won’t just find pencils, notebooks and photos of stars and athletes. You’ll also find drugs, and plenty of them — and I’m not referring to the stuff sold behind the football bleachers. No, today’s kids are chasing a different kind of high, and it’s one they get […]

WARNING: Your iPad could turn you into a sleep-deprived zombie

Whether it’s a chapter or two of the latest page-turner or the comfort of your favorite scripture verses, a little bedtime reading is a time-tested ritual that many people find helps with sleep. But if you’re fond of using an e-reader such as an iPad or Kindle, keep it out of your bedroom. These electronic […]

The two tablespoon “cure” for diabetes

At the start of the New Year, nearly everyone makes a resolution to get healthy — and most of those promises will be forgotten long before the groundhog goes looking for his shadow. That’s why it’s sometimes best to start small. Instead of trying to make big sweeping changes overnight, begin with little tweaks to […]

Tame your blood sugar with this antioxidant

Sports fans check scores as if their lives depend on them. Diabetics check blood sugar scores because their lives really do depend on them. So naturally, many of them turn to drugs to make sure those levels stay where they need to be. But drugs aren’t always the answer here, and they’re certainly not the […]

Atheists speechless! They can't explain THIS...

Biblical researchers in Maryland have just discovered a healing message encoded in ancient scripture...
instructions for defeating some of our worst modern diseases.