Hidden high fructose corn syrup is turning you into a junk food addict

If you eat packaged foods, then odds are you’ve been eating plenty of high-fructose corn syrup. It’s not just in soda and sweets, as many people assume, but dumped into just about everything. You’ll find HFCS hidden in breads, salad dressings, cereals, yogurts and even so-called “energy” bars. And this form of sugar is the […]

Surprising “fish cure” could be the key to erasing ADD

Empty out a teenager’s locker today, and you won’t just find pencils, notebooks and photos of stars and athletes. You’ll also find drugs, and plenty of them — and I’m not referring to the stuff sold behind the football bleachers. No, today’s kids are chasing a different kind of high, and it’s one they get […]

WARNING: Your iPad could turn you into a sleep-deprived zombie

Whether it’s a chapter or two of the latest page-turner or the comfort of your favorite scripture verses, a little bedtime reading is a time-tested ritual that many people find helps with sleep. But if you’re fond of using an e-reader such as an iPad or Kindle, keep it out of your bedroom. These electronic […]

The two tablespoon “cure” for diabetes

At the start of the New Year, nearly everyone makes a resolution to get healthy — and most of those promises will be forgotten long before the groundhog goes looking for his shadow. That’s why it’s sometimes best to start small. Instead of trying to make big sweeping changes overnight, begin with little tweaks to […]

Tame your blood sugar with this antioxidant

Sports fans check scores as if their lives depend on them. Diabetics check blood sugar scores because their lives really do depend on them. So naturally, many of them turn to drugs to make sure those levels stay where they need to be. But drugs aren’t always the answer here, and they’re certainly not the […]

USDA ignores the most dangerous pesticide in your food today

Some of the most dangerous food in the world isn’t the poisonous garbage being shipped over here from China. It’s our own fresh produce, which is increasingly covered in pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. The United States Department of Agriculture claims you shouldn’t worry about it. The agency says that while its most recent tests […]

Simple “sodium secret” chases headaches away

If you’re prone to headaches you don’t need me to tell you how much they can disrupt your life. And sometimes it seems like the more important your plans are the more likely it is that a headache will make an unwelcome appearance. But there’s one simple step you can take right now to chase some of those […]

Beat ObamaCare by switching doctors

The powers-that-be want you to believe you’ve got no choice but to sign up for an expensive new ObamaCare plan — no choice but to pay sky-high prices for low-quality care. But today, I’m going to let you in on a secret. It’s another option — an option they won’t tell you about, because they […]

Anxiety could trigger a stroke

You know how stress can trigger a heart attack or stroke. In some tightly wound people, you can almost see it happening. But don’t rest easy if you’re not stressed — because anxiety can quietly do the same type of damage, increasing your risk of a stroke by up to a third, according to the […]

Apples work better than statins

Nature’s answer to cholesterol meds Forget statins. If you want to protect your ticker, prevent a heart attack, stop a stroke, stay healthy and enjoy a great snack all at the same time, bite into a crisp, juicy apple. Yes… an apple. Call it nature’s original wonder drug. One new study out of the prestigious […]

Atheists speechless! They can't explain THIS...

Biblical researchers in Maryland have just discovered a healing message encoded in ancient scripture...
instructions for defeating some of our worst modern diseases.